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Human athletes use massage and stretching exercises to prepare and recover from training and competing, so equine massage therapy is becoming more and more popular for our supreme athlete – the horse! Like us, horses can suffer from muscular pain too.


Danielle Jones is based in Cardiff and covers the south of Wales. Danielle uses a unique blend of Equinology massage techniques and sports massage to help your horse move as freely and comfortably as possible, whether they are a happy hacker or a competition horse.


This approach uses a combination of massage, stretching and other hands on techniques to relieve tension and muscle spasms.

Equine massage therapy may help with these signs of pain and discomfort:

  • Unexplianed resistance i.e. Bucking, napping, rearing

  • Deterioation in behaviour or performance

  • Carrying tail or head to one side

  • Refusing to jump

  • Disuniting and reluctance to canter on one lead

  • Biting or kicking when girthed, groomed or rugged

  • Uneven shoe wear

  • Shortened or uneven stride length

  • Lateral stiffness

  • Hollow back and high head carriage

  • Head shaking or tilting

Common causes of muscle soreness and back pain:

  • Poorly fitting tack

  • Falls, trips, slips

  • Unbalanced rider

  • Problems with teeth or shoeing

  • Becoming cast in the stable

  • Increase in workload


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